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“Much of her work is created from randomly found objects that alter their original meaning through artistic intervention.”

Paulina Jazvić is the author of installations that are often funny, but that hide a much more serious underlying story. She is a painter with a talent for quick, sketchy stroke. She is also a professor at the Faculty of Textile Technology, where she holds lectures on clothing design. She has two academic degrees- first she graduated from the Faculty of Textile Technology and later went to Academy of Fine Arts. Today she only designs clothes for herself, but a reminder of her beginnings as a designer is a dress made out of dried roses that won the international award for the best new European designer (Smirnoff International Fashion Award).

Her drawings are delicate, intimate and soft, whereas the installation is somewhat rough. Actually, one has to visit her workshop to better understand her artistic world. For example, much of her work is created from randomly found objects that alter their original meaning through artistic intervention. There is a photograph of Paris, an old photograph decorated with lace, a stiletto shoe on a painting, a doll in a bottle, blouses with nails in them… The story behind her art is almost always autobiographic . Sometimes it is a metaphorical story, sometimes it is an accurate depiction. For example, the title of the eponymous painting of one of her recent cycles is ”You will meet dark tall stranger“: a coffee cup is painted, and the story behind is how a gypsy fortune teller told her that she will meet a dark, tall stranger in a beige coat. But it is also a reference to the Woody Allen movie.

She does not hide that in her work she questions her own roles as a woman, a mother, a professor, together with the roles of women in general in a modern society. As a part of the cycle “Fashionable Talks” (Pomodni Razgovori), she tried to squeeze in the ideal female figure, the one of the Barbie doll, inside a white Ikea frame; since the doll “resisted” (did not fit), she forced her to “fit in” by breaking her legs and neck.

Through the cycle “Housewives of Croatia” she speaks about the specific role of a rich housewife in a post transitional society. Also, “Little Menu” – the exhibition where one was served a course of a man’s shirt with nails in it on a plate followed by a set of Barbie dolls wrapped in spaghetti, cigarette buds…