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“We were all romantically involved in the city life and its happening. We were touched with its joy and sorrow.”

„We were all romantically involved in the city life and its happening. We were touched with its joy and sorrow“ photographer Mio Vesović remembered his young days spent in front of a cult cafe Zvečka. The days that we, the next generation, look with a bit of envy, believe it or not. The line for cafe, traveling to Trieste to buy some clothes, New wave, Branimir Johnny Štulić and Azra.

And of course, Polet, the most important magazine which has completely changed the way of writing, and the perspective on photography. Photography stops illustrating the reality, it starts confronting it. From that period was Vesović photography of Branimir Štulić in front of, so-called mosque, with militia Fico in the background, and photography of Tito waving the black glove from the black Mercedes. Photography was taken accidentally, when Vesović took a shortcut to the University on his Czech bike, Mercedes and a Czech bicycle, it was so attractive contrast. But nowadays, the photography is in permanent setup of Museum of contemporary art, and he hasn’t exhibit it for twelve years after its genesis. It was easy to recognized its subversive element. Polet school emerged new communication standards, and the new standard in photography were made by Mio Vesović, Ivan Posavec and their Studio MO (Meko okidanje – Soft shooting).

Vesović passion for photography started in town of Jastrebarsko since before he started school when he played in a local photographer’s atelier. He graduated on a film shooting Academy of Theatre, Film and Television in the class of a great director Nicholas Tanhofer. Odluka iz djetinjstva nije bila pogrešna, danas je bez sumnje jedan od najznačajnijih hrvatskih fotografa.

Mio Vesović is a photographer of the street and magazines. Besides Polet, here are newspapers Student, Start, Danas (Today). It’s impossible to meet him without the camera. His artistic photography is equally important where, for example, the butterfly lands on the TV in the few sequences, at the seaside, while watching a horror movie with Nicole Kidman. It is one of his more interesting cycle, it is called “For Nabokov”. It also should be mentioned the cycle of overpacked bodies, collective holiday on the Zrće beach, “Social realism at Zrce beach” . As all his new cycles, it is dedicated to his grand-daughter Lara, with whom together he recently exhibited in gallery “Greta”.

Vesović doesn’t hide the names of the contemporary artist which he respect: he was shooting Tom Gotovac’s performances. And the documentary about Ivan Kožarić. Beside that, he is official photographer at some important Croatian films.