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“Each painting is created on an impulse, momentarily, his main goal is to paint a direct emotion, he says he wants to document pure passion and emotion.”

Ivica Malčić is 49 years of age and his work counts over two thousand paintings. Starting from 1998, he paints one each day, it is his journal entry, an autobiographic document . At first glance, his life seems to revolve around hedonism, the music he listens to, movies he watches, visits to the popular flea markets , one beer to many, the books he borrows in the library, episodes from his family life. A part of it are also the things that annoy him, often it is stupidity and lack of understanding, misjudging people…

It is evident from the works presented in the Croatian Art Market that this particular artist has several alter egos and they all have a keen sense of humor: images of the artist holding his brush, a rich artist wearing a fur coat, a frequent image of the artist with an erection holding a brush, then there is a parrot continually repeating the words “I am a painter”, then a garden gnome, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Winnetou, a trumpet player announcing the number of new paintings by blowing his trumpet…

One of his most witty works was named “Too old for contemporary art, too young to die”, and it was displayed at an annual group exhibition, where, to be perfectly frank, younger generation artists are preferred.Ivica Malčić is as funny as only truly serious people can allow themselves to be. And his entire life is reflected in his paintings.

He paints on wood, on old wooden boards, even on parts of discarded furniture. He began doing this out of necessity – after graduating from the Art academy he could not afford to buy the necessary tools and material so his mother used to bring him wooden boxes from the fruit store. Today this artist can afford an easel and a canvas, but old habits die hard.

There are many references to modern culture: the New York Dolls, the artist Željko Jerman, Van Gogh, Sex Pistols… He was featured in a documentary “Painting is dead when I say it is dead” , the title borrowed from a line he wrote over one small kitschy painting. Malčić, therefore, paints his every day activities. An egotistic painter perhaps? Well, to a degree. But he leaves enough room for other people’s emotions as well.

By the way, he does not travel. Ever. His area of movement is limited to the routes of Zagreb’s Municipal Transit System.