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“To make invisible visible, to analyze and inform, to change one’s perspective, and change it constantly, to always be in motion. Creative power of objects and motion.”

Gordana Bakić, it is evident, enjoys the art of painting. Her paintings are seductible and affirmative, they beat to the rhythm of colors and lines intertwining. The paintings are a genuine whirlwind testifying to a strong artistic passion.

This artist presented in Croatian Art Market is unlike her contemporaries. However, although her artistic expression is unique, a more informed and thorough observer can draw a parallel with Šutej’s “Bombardment of the Optic Nerve” (Bombardiranje očnog živca) and a few protagonists of the New Tendencies. One must respect his or hers predecessors in order to move forward.

Gordana Bakic’s work did not take long to be critically acclaimed, she is often praised and awarded. The titles of her paintings and cycles are not intelligible at first “BXXE”, “SXXXA1”, “Test Work” (Pokusni rad), “Significant Signal Transfer” (Prijenos značajnog signala ) etc…it is necessary to immerse yourself in her world in order to fully grasp the meaning behind it.

Although sometimes she tends to insert a miniscule human figure or a house in the painting, it is primarily constructed of the earlier mentioned web of lines, abstract meandering motifs that seem to expand to infinity. They are inspired by the world around her (for example, the irregular urban geometry), but transferred into her artistic interpretation they mutated beyond recognizable. They take up the bulk of the painting, leaving no empty space. Sometimes this world is black and white, and when she uses color, it is always a bright palette, for example the flashy and brazencolor red. She paints mostly on over-sized canvas but handles the huge surface with ease.

And what happens when she decides to experiment with the third dimension? Things get even more interesting.

In the interior of Galženica gallery she constructed a gigantic installation made out of her drawings, together with photocopies of various graphic materials taken from different and often forgotten textbooks or manuals, and pieces of paper cut in irregular shapes.

And in her recent exhibition the whole of the interior of Marisall gallery was turned into a system of black and white signs, outlining symbolic and psychological impulses.