Croatian Art Market
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According to your desires and requirements, we deliver the artworks to the address immediately upon payment or on the desired date.

Delivery of artwork to the address within 7 days of payment or on a desired date.

We produce (manufacture) all the packaging ourselves. We make art crates of all sizes and purposes. Art crates are the best solution to protect the artwork from mechanical damage that can occur due to changes in temperature and humidity during transport. We make them from plywood of various thicknesses depending on the required dimension of the crates ie whether the crate is intended for paintings or sculptures. The interior is coated with a waterproof wrap that is not drilled but glued, and on top of that comes the polyurethane foam of varying thickness, depending on the requirements to protect against mechanical shock, and also serves as thermal insulation. We offer standard museum crates and air crates and fire-resistant crates.

If you want to donate an artwork (if you are buying the artwork as a present) we can offer you convenient (suitable/corresponding) packaging. Crates that meet all artwork protection criteria plus the aesthetic one. The artists themselves illustrate the crates and we give you one unique work of art.

It is used to protect the artwork. Its interior is lined with an impermeable foil and polyurethane foam for protection against mechanical damage.

A simpler version of packing by using plywood.

CARTON-BOX i.e. soft pack
Soft packaging is used when the client insists on a relatively low cost packaging , of the art which in not sensitive to climate change (but not at the expense of proper care).